A day in Dartmoor - Jane Foster

We've had a hectic few weeks here so it seemed like a good idea to get away from our home / work / DIY etc..  and escape to Dartmoor for the day. We took our daughter and her friend and parked near some of the wild ponies who although aren't fed by the public, are very friendly. We walked for a while before getting a hot chocolate and cream tea from the cafe at Powdermills Pottery. A great little place that serves hand made ginger cake and drinks from pottery mugs made from local potters. In fact, the little gift shop sells handmade items from 20 or so local makers.

We took a long walk up a steep hill to reach some granite torrs. It was a bit cold and windy so we hiked at quite a pace to keep warm. (I wasn't wearing the right gear at all - I'm such a city girl at heart and always forget to pack walking boots and a suitable coat!).The view from the top was breathtakingly beautiful.We hid a few chocolate eggs for my daughter and her friend to find, sat down for a while before stomping back to the car. We drove back home with a sense of peace. I find it hard to find peace in my life as I'm always chasing my tail and working on various things. Even if I'm on the sofa I'm checking social media or surfing the net etc.. Taking time out like this is exactly what I need more of as I loved being out in nature, loved the scenery, the calmness and the sheer contrast to my busy life. I will make sure I definitely get back to Dartmoor more often. Feel so lucky to live within reach of it.