Mini Bedroom Makeover - Jane Foster

Our daughter is nine and is crazy about animals! My partner and I decided to spend part of today on a secret makeover of her bedroom. She has a high bed with an area underneath that usually gets junked up with large cuddly toys. Today I decided to make her a curtain so she can have a secret den under her bed instead. I know she's always wanted this as we've discussed it before but have never found the time. She's recently had a hamster who lives in a very large cage so 'Cuddles' now lives in the new den too. I used some vintage 80s Habitat curtain fabric that she also has as her bedroom window curtains. I was lucky enough to find some more of this on eBay a while ago and it's been sitting on a shelf in my studio. The little yellow wooden chair lives here as it's the chair I stand on every night to kiss her goodnight!  - I'm tall but the high bed is even taller! 


We also had some left over ply so we made her some new shelves. The cat screen print on the wall is one that my daughter designed and the cardboard robot is one that she made from an old box that I had some of my mugs in. I can't wait for her to see her new area - I know she'll be excited top have a hidden area behind the curtain.