Customised Tissue paper from No Issue by Jane Foster

I’ve been making a conscious effort to use plastic free ethical materials whilst packing my orders so I was thrilled when the company ‘No Issue’ offered to gift me some of their products to use. I enjoy using black and white designs as part of my brand so decided to use my Central Park illustration as my customised tissue paper design. (I’d previously used my flower design and little faces).

The whole process is very straight forward - you simply send your high res artwork and can arrange as you wish, deciding on scale, pattern and colours. The sheets are large so I usually cut mine in half when I wrap my A4 prints. I also use coloured paper stickers to add contrast.

No Issue also gifted me some of their wonderful new fully compostable mailers - I was thrilled as some mailers aren’t as ‘compostable’ as they make out!

They’ve also recently introduced compostable stickers too which I hope to purchase soon.

You can find their website here.