I'm an illustrator, author and textile designer living in South Devon with my partner and daughter. 

I illustrate, screen print, sew and write books. I love bold, happy designs that appeal to children and adults alike. My purpose in life is to bring joy into other people's lives by creating happy illustrations for children's books, wall art, mugs and other products. I spend much of my time illustrating books and working on licensing designs but I also have a small range of products that I create for my web shop - these are often from very small editions or 'one off' items that I sell to loyal customers around the world. I design and make every item in my shop.

I've been screen printing since 2007 but prior to to this my career was in music. I started my new career in my late 30s and it's been quite an exciting adventure so far!I moved to Devon from Brighton around eight years ago and I became a self employed creative with a multi - hyphen career. My partner and I have also spent time renovating our quirky 60s home.

I've been fortunate to have had many books deals.My first was a three book deal with Anova (now Pavilion) - Fun With Fabric, Creative Craft With Kids and Jane Foster's Colouring Book. I have eighteen pre-school books published by Templar  - Jane Foster's ABC, 123, First Words, Colours, Stripy Tiger Pattern Book, Black and White, Brown Bear Colour Book, Animal Sounds, Things That Go, London, New York, Washington, Paris, Easter, Springtime, Halloween, Summer and Christmas. I've also had a children's cross-stitch book published by the US publisher Quarto called 'Stitching With Jane Foster' and a baby board book published in South Korea for Storycat publishers. My new Pets and Dinosaurs books (Templar and Little Bee) are my latest books I've been working on a few new books which are due to be published in 2020. I illustrated a promotional book for the company Dinoski which has been published by Penguin.650,000 copies of my children’s books have sold worldwide over the past five years - these have been printed in many languages including French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Chinese.

 In 2014, I won the Mollie Makes Established Handmade Business Award and in July 2017 I was invited to be on the panel of judges which was a real honour. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to give workshops at the Edinburgh Book Festival on two occasions - 2017 and 2019.

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