My Collaborations


I've been fortunate to have had several enjoyable collaborations over the past few years.

Here are some of them starting from the most recent. *If you'd like to collaborate with me, please contact me.


Miffy Collaboration - Easter 2019

I’ve been collaborating with the brand Miffy for several years now - twice a year I make Miffy products to sell from my web shop to help keep Dick Bruna’s work alive for many years to come. Dick Bruna has been one of the most influential illustrators in my career and the love I’ve had for his work started when I was a child in the 70s looking at my Miffy books. (many of which I still have).In 2008, I was fortunate to have had my work sold in Habitat stores across the UK alongside some of Dick Bruna’s. I was also very sad when Dick Bruna died in 2017.( He died on my Birthday.)

Miffy headquarters contacted me several years ago to ask if I’d like to sign a licensing contract to allow me to make Miffy items. (and give them a percentage from my sales). It’s been an absolute joy and I love sourcing the vintage Dick Bruna fabric from all over the world to make these items. It’s becoming increasingly harder to find as much of the Dutch fabric was designed in the 60s and 70s.

Below are some of the products I’ve been making in my studio the past month or so. These shall go on sale Sunday 7th April 10am (UK time) from my web shop.

My next Miffy products will be sold just before Christmas 2019. You can also find examples of my other handmade Miffy products on my Pinterest board here.

The Colour Flooring Company

Mini Cloakroom Renovation - 2017

We moved to our quirky 60s house around four years ago and have gradually been working our way around the home, renovating it ourselves. The running theme of our home is white with pops of yellow, like our studio door, front door and various pieces of furniture.

As this white and yellow theme has been providing some continuity throughout our home, we felt we wanted to also introduce some yellow into the downstairs cloakroom. I scoured the internet for some yellow flooring and came across The Colour Flooring Company. I requested a sample of the Springfield Yellow rubber flooring and when it arrived, it was the perfect match and our favourite yellow! 

Our decision had been made and we were 100% set on adding this flooring to our little cloakroom (and later in our larger upstairs bathroom yet to be gutted!).

In order to lay the new rubber flooring, we needed to prepare the floor properly to make it absolutely flat. We added sheets of waterproof ply.We then made a template as we had several fiddly bits to go around (shower tray, toilet and basin cabinet). We chose to use strong paper carpet underlay paper which we bought locally on the roll for £1 a metre. This seemed the cheapest method and worked really well.

Once we were satisfied that our paper template was the correct size, we placed the template on top of the rubber floor and thoroughly taped it down with masking tape so it didn't creep.(* I must add here that prior to this, we unrolled the rubber flooring on the deck 24 hours before cutting as the rubber needs to adjust to the moisture in the air and it also relaxes the flooring so that it's flat. We then traced around it with a soft pencil before we carefully cut around it with a concave Sweeney Todd trimming knife blade.

We then chose to use double sided tape around the edges of the ply to fix the rubber flooring. This method is preferable to using an adhesive when the floor area is so small.We also found a tube of yellow silicone for around the edges.

We're absolutely thrilled with the result and it's our favourite part of our cloakroom - it's lovely to walk on, we adore the colour (it makes us feel happy every time we have a shower) and it's super easy to clean. I shall be adding another blog post and photos of our upstairs bathroom once we've finished it!

You can visit The Colour Flooring Website here. 

*This flooring as been gifted to us in exchange for sharing this flooring here and on social media. All words and opinions are my own.

Collaboration with the family run Exeter based ‘Spray Co’ company


Our spray painted yellow Swedish Bento chairs in our kitchen

Our spray painted yellow Swedish Bento chairs in our kitchen

My partner and I have always had a thing for bent plywood furniture and over the past fifteen years we've collected many second hand bits and pieces for the various homes we've lived in. I fell in love with Alvar Aalto stools and chairs many years ago but our budget wouldn't stretch to them so we collected similar birch ply stools instead and added bright formica to the tops. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I recently stumbled across a set of Nordic Bento chairs online, designed by the fabulous Stockholm company Form Us With Love. I thought the design was so amazing and after I discussed them with my partner, we decided to buy them, knowing we'd sell a few of our other chairs to compensate. (Also, we didn't need four more chairs so we work on a policy of one in, one out!)

The chairs we bought were black but right from the start, we had no plan to keep them this colour. We both very quickly agreed they needed to be our favourite yellow colour, the same as our front door, studio door and several other things around our home. My partner knew that there were companies that specialise in spraying furniture so we were thrilled to discover a company fairly local to us in Exeter. The company is called SprayCo and they are a very friendly family run company who specialise in re-painting kitchens, furniture and even pianos (yes, the pianos were superb!) I asked them if they could match my favourite colour yellow for me and spray paint our new chairs for us. They were so happy to get involved in such a vibrant, happy commission. We had a walk around their workshop and were so impressed with the quality of the finish that we couldn't wait to see the end result. 

I gave them a specific colour to match for me and this has it's own specific code that we're now calling it 'Jane Foster Yellow'. 

We picked them up a few days ago and we're absolutely thrilled beyond belief. Each piece has been hand sanded, primer added, hand sanded and then sprayed in a special room with mat paint that is so incredibly smooth you would think it had always been that colour. 

I gave them a specific colour to match for me and this has it's own specific code that we're now calling it 'Jane Foster Yellow'. 

We picked them up a few days ago and we're absolutely thrilled beyond belief. Each piece has been hand sanded, primer added, hand sanded and then sprayed in a special room with mat paint that is so incredibly smooth you would think it had always been that colour. 

If you're also interested in having some furniture spray painted then I'd totally recommend the company SprayCo as they were super to collaborate with. If you'd like to have something sprayed exactly the same colour as these, I've given this company the permission to let my specific 'Jane Foster Yellow' be used on your furniture. 

*I'm slightly regretting selling our piano now as I would have been very tempted indeed to have had it professionally sprayed. (white of yellow!)

Cuprinol and B&Q UK

Channel 4 Shed Of The Year Project - Summer 2017

I was super excited when I was recently approached by Cuprinol with an interesting fun summer project.

They wanted me to make-over a garden shed in collaboration with Cuprinol's 'Shed of the Year' competition, which is currently being aired on Channel 4. You can read the full version of this project over on my blog here.


The Window Film Company

Summer 2017

I've recently collaborated with The Window Film Company, here in the UK. They've used some of my illustrations for their window film which can be used on any window.

The film is easy to add and remove and is perfect for making a window more private without blocking the light. I've used my insects design in my downstairs cloakroom as I no longer wanted to use a blind. 

Here are some more of my designs they've used but if you'd like to see my whole range, please visit their website here

Cloud Nine Fabrics

Summer 2017

In the summer of 2016 Cloud Nine fabrics contacted me to design three panels of fabric for them so that they could be sold as panels to make aprons cushions and bags.

These were available in 2017 and are part of their British Invasion range.

Make International

I have a wonderful collaboration with Make International where I provide illustrations for mugs, glass, kitchen textiles, placemats and coasters.

I've also collaborated with them on a Haberdashery Range with toy kits, bags and fabric storage buckets. I work with Keith Brymer Jones who is the Creative Director at Make International.

Waitrose Editorial


I was asked by Waitrose to illustrate some designs for their special Scandinavian kitchen magazine issue  - April 2015.

Miffy UK

I've been a huge fan of Dick Bruna's illustrations ever since I was a child so was thrilled when I was asked to collaborate with Miffy UK headquarters by making some Miffy products using vintage and retro Miffy fabrics from my collection. I've signed a Licensing agreement which allows me to license the use of the Miffy fabrics in my products.

This is an ongoing collaboration to keep the Miffy brand alive and vibrant. These photos show a few of the Miffy products I've made over the past few years - lots of purses with a combination of Miffy fabric and my own fabrics that I designed to go with them. You can see more of my Miffy products on a Pinterest board I've dedicated to my handmade Miffy items.


SHIPS Store in Japan


In 2014 I worked on a collaboration with a Japanese department store called SHIPS where I licensed some of my designs to be used on mugs, hot water bottles, blankets and bags.

Mollie Makes Magazine 


I was fortunate to be asked to collaborate with Mollie Makes magazine in 2013 to design the free cover gift. I designed a Make Your Own sausage dog toy kit.

Ikea Fish Supper Print


In 2013 my Fish Supper Collage was selected to be sold as a print worldwide in Ikea.


This sold for over a year.

Ikea Magazine 

Summer 2013

In the summer of 2013 our Totnes home was featured in the Ikea magazine called LIVE.

They wanted a UK home for a special Scandi fabric issue so thought our home was appropriate.

Kirstie's Vintage Home  

Channel 4 TV - 2012

In 2012 I was contacted by Raise The Roof productions to provide some handmade textile items for a new Channel Four TV series called Kirstie's Vintage Home.

The team were renovating a home for a Dad and his two daughter's and I was pleased to be able to contribute. I was commissioned to handmade two small quilts, a few handmade toys and cushions. I used vintage 70s fabrics from my collections and included original Heals fabrics, also from my collection. I also made some 50s barkcloth fabric cushions for the living room, again using fabrics from my vintage collection.Here are some photos I took of the accompanying book that also featured my products. The book is published by Hodder and Stoughton.

The Art Group 



In May 2007 I was living in Brighton and had just finished a six week screen printing evening class. A friend at the studio asked me to participate in an Open House during Brighton's May Festival and it was whilst showing my new screen prints at this event that my work was spotted by The Art Group.

I signed a contract with the publishing company for the following 10 years. My work was first published and sold as posters and cards in Habitat stores across the UK. I was particularly proud as they sat alongside some cards by my favourite illustrator Dick Bruna. My work was later sold in Heals and many other stores across the UK. Here are some of my designs I licensed to the company.



In 2007 I started a collaboration with the company Clothkits. I'd grown up wearing Clothkits clothes in the 70s and remember wearing some of the corduroy pinafore dresses and dungarees.

I was thrilled that Kay Mawer was going to be re-launching the famous brand and was equally thrilled when she spotted some of my screen printed designs in an Open House in Chichester and then asked me to design for her. I was still a full time music teacher at the time but making plans to change my career.

I collaborated with her over several years designing her best selling rag doll, toys, bags, children's and adult clothes. I loved the fact that all the kits were going to be screen printed in London. Here are some of the fabrics I designed for Clothkits.